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Body standards for men and women are defined differently all across the world. What is common in all standards is, figure stereotyping for women. Women in the modern world are so conscious and active about maintaining their body physique that they can go up to any extent for looking good.

Diet and exercise are considered two major factors that are responsible for maintaining a healthy body. If you have scheduled all your meals and exercise time, then your body will be less prone to diseases. Most people also do exercise for reducing excess fat from their body; they join a gym for getting slim and fit. But the question is does all your body fat get reduced just through gym and workout? Or just by eating fruits and vegetables?

The answer is NO. Many people notice that although they have worked hard day and night to get a perfect body, nothing works as per their expectations. But when nothing works, there is the medical science that plays a significant role in fulfilling their desires.

The art of healing people and maintaining their beauty standards is what medical science is all about. Plastic or cosmetic surgeries are one of the greatest gifts that humans have got from innovation in the medical field. Here in this article, we are going to talk about a very common topic amongst women and a medical solution for the same. We will be giving you detailed insight about excess fat around the breast or large sagging breast issues among women of all ages and the solutions as well.


Reduction Mammaplasty

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Do all women face breast enlargement issues?

The answer to the above question is NO. It is not that all women have issues with their breast size; some have even got the perfect round breasts. But there are cases where small aged women have excessively large breasts which make them feel embarrassed. Breast enlargement issues can occur at any age; some women start facing such issues when they are middle-aged and some even in older ages. Exercise only cannot cure this problem as it is a muscular issue. But why worry when artificial methods are invented to make you look beautiful and not feel embarrassed?

Many people think that they cannot do anything about their excess body fat but this is not true. Plastic surgeries are solely invented to correct and contour people’s bodies. Now we are going to particularly talk about how the excess fat around your breast can be reduced through a cosmetic surgery known as Reduction Mammoplasty. For some of you, this term might seem new, so let us dig further to know all about it!

What is Reduction Mammoplasty?

As the term describes itself, reduction means less and mammoplasty means surgery of the breast. A surgical procedure that is done in order to remove the extra fat tissue and skin from the area around your breast is called a breast reduction procedure or reduction mammoplasty. Women, who have large breasts and are not happy with it, can go for this process. We are glad to tell you that this surgery is safe with minimal side effects if done by an experienced and certified medical professional. Are you low on confidence level because your breasts look too large and bulging out of your clothes?Do you want an effective and long-term solution to it? If yes, you have landed a perfect place.

Are you not sure whether you should give a thought to it? Do you want to know why people prefer this surgery?

As it is said that excess of anything is bad; the same applies to your body as well. If you want to maintain a good physique, you can try cosmetic surgery for your body. But it should be completely your decision and you need to be prepared for this physically as well as mentally.

A breast reduction surgery is done so that you can be at ease and feel comfortable, either sitting alone or in a group of people. There are both physical and mental benefits of this surgery.

Breast Treatment

What will you gain mentally?

  • Satisfaction
  • Boost in self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves your outer personality
  • SImproves your ability and willpower to participate in various activities
  • What will you gain physically?

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Women who opt for breast reduction surgery will also get rid of the following:

    Now when a surgical procedure is giving you these many benefits along with eradicating your major problem, why would you not go for it?

    So, if you have made up your mind and want to know the procedure behind this magical surgery, you first need to check that whether you pass the valid criteria of undergoing this surgery or not.

    Breast Reduction Surgery is not recommended for people who

    Other than these, you need to check with your surgeon to qualify for breast reduction surgery.

    Now let us see what are the preparations for a Reduction Mammoplasty?

    Beforehand Preparation

    The first step is finding a highly qualified and experienced surgeon for you. It may seem easy but it is not that simple. A good surgeon directly means a 100% successful surgery and desired results. Therefore, you need to analyze the work of various surgeons and their past surgical results. Once you have selected your surgeon, he will examine your medical history and let you know if there are any complications.

    The next important thing is discussing your expectations from the surgery. No element on this earth can do magic or wonders on your body; all of these can only improve it to a certain extent. So, it is important that you tell all your expectations and hear about the real results from your surgeon. A good surgeon will always tell you about the risks, scarring, and any loss accompanying the procedure.

    Medically you may be asked to get pictures clicked of your breasts before and after the surgery. You might undergo certain medical tests like a baseline mammogram. You will also be asked to avoid aspirin, smoking, and other things.


    Breast Reduction Treatment

    Before the procedure starts, the patient is given local/general anesthesia. The surgery is carried in 4 simple steps, that are mentioned below -

    Symmetry can be achieved during the surgery but there will surely be some changes. After the surgery, the following things are done -

    Like all other surgical procedures, reduction mammoplasty also possesses some risks. Although the risks are reduced if you are in the hands of a good doctor, still they should be considered.

    Some common risks are bleeding, swelling, infection, and adverse reaction to anesthesia. Apart from these, the major risks that happen in rare cases include -

    What to expect after surgery?

    For the first few days or weeks, the skin near your breasts will feel very sensitive and tender. The area might get swollen too with little bruising. To protect the area from further wear and tear, good surgeons often recommend an elastic compression bra.

    Recovery Period

    Recovery after surgeries takes sufficient time but it also depends on how you are taking care of yourself. At least for 3 - 4 weeks, you cannot expose yourself to any kind of physical work that requires strength. Let your breasts heal naturally; avoid any kind of physical strain/stress around that area.

    Limit yourself to bed; take as much rest as you can. Rest is the most effective way and the best natural healer for any kind of problem. Also, do not get involved in smoking or drinking alcohol for few weeks for better recovery.

    Take regular follow-ups from your surgeon. Check if any kind of infection or swelling is there which is not getting healed by the prescribed medicines. If pain persists, consult your surgeon immediately. Also, for some weeks, your doctor may recommend you only comfortable clothing and no underwire bras.


    Since the surgery involves incisions and stitches, it is obvious that scarring will be there. The scars will fade away with time but they will not get completely disappeared.

    Results – The Most Awaited Moment

    Once your breast reduction surgery is successfully done, it will give you a new look and a new boosted physical personality. You will see the change for yourself. It is recommended that do not keep unrealistic expectations and expect natural results.

    Fat reduction around your breasts will help in diminishing physical problems like back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Also, your ability to participate in physical activities will be enhanced after complete recovery.

    So, get ready for a positive self-image and good appearance after your breast reduction surgery. Book your appointment with the best surgeon at!

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