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Our looks and body posture make an important factor in keeping us confident while dealing with others. When we ourselves do not feel comfortable in our normal body posture then it will naturally decrease our confidence.

Getting a desirable breast size that gives our body a nice shape and makes you representable is what everybody wants. This is truly possible with our experienced and reliable surgeons to reduce the excess fat and tissues to give it a better shape and size.

We are really happy to serve you with the best in India with our top notch surgeons.

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Breast reduction surgery for women is more important because of physical tensions and stress than of a task of aesthetic beauty. The most common reason that forces women to undergo breast reduction surgery is the discomfort that they feel due to the large size of breast because it lies on the lower part of the chest exerting pressure.

It causes stress and pain on shoulders, neck and back in the long run and distorts the overall physical posture. It results in distortions in the body and increase in intensity of pain and problems in normal functioning of the day.

This makes it really essential that the surgery must involve the following results –

  • Reducing the size to make it proportionate to your overall body type
  • Improving the body posture
  • Eliminating the problem of stress on back, shoulders and neck
  • Complementing the overall looks and bring confidence

Not all surgeons are able to get all these above stated results but the surgeons listed on our website are well versed in their work with infinite experience and knowledge whose endeavour is to bring the best out of your personality.

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Breast Reduction Types

Types of Breast Reduction Surgery

Depending upon the amount of fat and tissue that has to be removed there are three types of breast reduction surgery.

Liposuction – This is only valid for those whose skin can get back normal normally after the excess fat is removed by inserting a tube that sucks the extra fat.

Vertical or Lollipop – It is only for breast reductions with moderate changes which includes cuts to the areola down, underneath your breast.

Inverted T or Anchor – Those who need removal of fat in large amounts undergo this surgery that includes removal of tissues beneath the breast to the crease.

You can probably discuss with your doctor regarding all your expectations and the shape and posture that you are hoping for after the surgery and the doctor will help you to choose the most suited surgery for you.

Breast Surgery in India

India has come a long way in the case of breast reduction surgery. In India, almost 14% women suffer from breast cancer of which not everyone is aware of. The cases of breast cancer have made people conscious about their health and looks more.

Now women are getting more attracted to these treatments due to the awareness and this industry is doing really well now. The advancements in this field are making the results more efficient and mentioning that all our surgeons are well equipped with the latest technology and knowledge that makes us the best in this field.

So do not worry about anything as you are getting the best treatment in India, a community which is trusted by everyone.

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