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DR. AKSHAY ROUT - The Most Sought After Cosmetic Surgeon for Breast Reduction in BHUBANESWAR

Large breasts are an asset for the women, but extremely large breasts could often prove detrimental to their appearance and even health. It is usual for women to complain about severe back pain and various other physical problems. Extremely big breasts are one of the major causes behind these troubles. Our experienced cosmetic surgeon in Bhubaneswar can assist you to get away with this problem by performing breast reduction surgery.

Why Choose DR. AKSHAY ROUTa for Breast Reduction in BHUBANESWAR?

  • Skilled and consummate to carry out breast reduction surgery.
  • Expert in relieving the patients from physical pains through breast reduction procedure.
  • Certified by authentic national and international plastic / cosmetic surgery boards
  • Hands on various forms of breast reduction surgery including vertical or inverted-T breast reduction, liposuction and more.
  • Expert in giving your breasts and nipples the much desired aesthetic appeal like earlier.

Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in BHUBANESWAR

Just like any other cosmetic surgery, breast reduction also involves intense procedure and extensive care. The cost of breast reduction surgery hence may vary depending on the cosmetic surgeon, the choice of clinic and the medical procedure carried out. The care given during the recovery phase along with the medicines and the expenditure of the facilities provided in the operation room are usually in addition to the cost of the treatment. Consulting with ourexpert cosmetic surgeon in Bhubaneswar help you get the best estimate of the procedure cost.

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If your extra large breasts are creating excessive problems to your physical appearance and health, it is time to act wisely. You can get in touch with our expert cosmetic surgeon in Bhubaneswar and opt for breast reduction surgery to regain your attractive breasts. Our services are the best in the industry and offer unsurpassed treatment facilities.

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Clinic Location Bhubaneswar
Clinic Location Bhubaneswar
Clinic Location Bhubaneswar
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