FAQs for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is performed to reduce the size of the breasts, removing extra fat, tissues and skin for women to make it proportionate to the body. Some do it out of need and some prefer to do it out of will.

Bigger size of breasts cause discomfort by affecting the body posture. It causes strain on the neck, pain on shoulders and back. This may permanently give rise to the distortion in body posture. The objective of breast reduction surgery is directed to reduce or eliminate all these problems that affect the regular functioning of the body of many women.

The estimation can only be provided by your surgeon who is going to perform the surgery. But on an average, it takes two to four hours for a complete surgery.

All the surgeries have some complications and risks associated with it but breast reduction surgery is quite free from risks when compared to other surgeries. Post surgery effects might include, minor pain, temporary loss of sensation around nippular areas, scars, infections etc.

The patient will be provided with a general anesthesia so that you can stay relaxed and not feel any pain during the whole procedure. Even after the surgery, you will be provided with adequate medications so that you do not feel any pain. If you feel any complications post surgery then you should contact your doctor immediately.

It varies according to how much time it will take for the whole surgery, the experience and qualification of the surgeon who will do the procedure, the type of surgery that you will undergo and also the region you are in.

Some health insurance plans cover breast reduction surgery also if it causes major physical issues in your daily tasks and is a medical necessity. You just need to ask from your insurance company for confirmation.

You should undergo breast reduction surgery only when your breasts are fully mature. You can ask your doctor if you are ready for breast reduction surgery or not because they will tell you after all the physical examination and considering your medical conditions.

Some patients might be good candidates for liposuction and can opt for it for their breast reduction. But you need to confirm this from your doctor if you can go forward with it or not.

No evidence has been found through research and various instances that proves this statement. It has been stated by most of the doctors that breast surgeries are completely safe and do not cause breast cancer. Moreover, it does not hinder any physical examination and detection of breast cancer.

You can start wearing your bra after your breasts are recovered from the surgery, when all the swelling is healed.

You can ask about all the complications that you think you might face and clear all your doubts about your surgery. In addition to this, you can ask questions like

  • What is the qualification and experience of the doctor?
  • Is this the right age to undergo surgery?
  • Am I medically fit for the surgery?
  • What size will my breasts have after the surgery?
  • What type of breast reduction surgery will be performed on me?
  • How much time will it take to recover?
  • Will it give me relief for the complications I am facing now?

You will be given a surgical bra to wear after the surgery. The doctor will tell you when you can stop wearing a surgical one and switch to your regular bra.

Your doctor will give you the best answer for that as your body undergoes various changes during the pregnancy so it's recommended to keep a gap before your pregnancy and surgery. It would be better if you confirm this from your respective surgeon.

It is advised to quit smoking, not consume alcohol, eat a healthy diet before a few days of your surgery and not take any medicines. If you are taking any essential medication then do tell it to your doctor and continue only after they allow you to.

To extract the excess fat, tissues and skin from the breast area, the doctors make an incision under the breasts near areola. Then they reposition the areola and nipples according to the new shape.

Every surgery leaves scars but the scars from breast reduction surgery are temporary and fade away with time as you recover. It largely depends upon the experience of the surgeon and the method used for surgery.

Definitely, it gives you a better shape and firmness. They will be perkier and it will definitely shape your personality in a positive manner and will boost your confidence.

Absolutely, you can breastfeed after the surgery as it does not affect the milk producing areas and does not have any impact on the glands. You have to wait until the doctor gives you a clear sign and afterwards you can continue breastfeeding.

According to doctors, it is not possible in normal conditions but it does vary during the pregnancy as the body undergoes various changes during that time period and that may also affect the size of your breasts.

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